Two furnishing concepts we developed under the name of ROOOMS for the ‘NWW Design Award 2017’ themed “The New Hospitality - How furniture supports us in the art of hosting” – which was announced by ‘Neue Wiener Werkstätte’.

The idea behind both of our concepts is constant – endeavouring to create new room(s) that enable spacial elements of privacy for your guests, no matter how limited your living space is …

Creative Concept / Interior Design / Product Design / Prototyping / 2017


Whether it’s a spontaneous over­night guest, a weekend visit from your best friend or a spare bed for an emer­gency – in times of increasingly expen­sive housing, the intelligent division of living space is gaining significant relevance and demands a high degree of commit­ment in the ‘art of hosting’. ‘Guest Roooms’ offers a flexible room-in-room solution to create a private retreat for guests, even within the smallest living space.


In times of globally net­worked friend­ships, the maximum use of one’s own (living) space - e. g. to create private areas for guests - is becoming increasingly relevant.

‘Rooommate’ is a 2-part furniture combi­nation that adapts to guest require­ments through the flexible utilisation of modular components - and can be easily used as storage space, a side table, wardrobe or even as a compact workspace.

‘ROOOMS’ is a joint project by Open Studio and Büro Steinhoff. On a project basis, the collaborative aim is to engage the concept of living space across new and unconventional perspectives.