The ‘Coffee Quotes’ combine pop cultural quotations from films and series with selected materials related to the subject of coffee ...

Creative Concept / Free Work / Poster Design / Typography / Limited Edition / 2019

For the ‘Kaffee­hand­werk Edition’, all copies were completely hand-coloured with coffee from Kaffee­hand­werk’s own home-made roast. Each copy thus becomes an indi­vidual original with direct reference to the location.

And even the paper used for the edition has a very special connec­tion to coffee: Each sheet of ‘Extract’ paper from G.F Smith is made of at least five upcycled disposable coffee cups using CupCycling Technology and is produced in a ‘zero-waste’ process.

Print: Hand-painted with coffee
Paper: Extract (moon, shell, mustard, cactus, ember, khaki, coral)

Kindly supported by Römerturm – the exclusive distribution partner for ‘Extract’ in Germany.