‘Artificial Intimacy’ is a collabo­ration with grotesk.group. The idea behind the project was to create several digital artworks, show­casing highly emotional and human related topics in a form that was fully gene­rated by AI-based tools and tech­niques – referring back to data­bases, stylistics and content originally pro­vided by human beings.

Creative Concept / Digital Artwork / AI Technology / Text / Animation / Free Work / 2022

The result is a series of digital reliefs about intimate moments – using an AI-based diffusion model with 250 iterations to first generate a ’flat’ motive before being converted into a three-dimen­sional digital object by an auto­matized algorithm that was slightly animated to under­line the sculptural character of the work.

Titles (in order of appearance):

Artificial Intimacy I (Holding On)
Artificial Intimacy II (Cyber Sex)
Artificial Intimacy III (Sweet Memories)
Artificial Intimacy IV (Family Ties)
Artificial Intimacy V (Kiss Goodbye)