New corporate identity, web appearance, social media concept and stationery for ‘Ligawest’ – a Düsseldorf-based agency that represents artists in the creative fields of ‘Styling’, ‘Hair Make-Up’ and ‘Setdesign’.

Creative Concept / Creative Direction / Corporate Identity / Web Design / Social Media Appearence / 2022

Ligawest (re-)presents artists and styles. That’s why we established an identity that’s setting the stage for each indivi­dual project, which at the same time often literally high­lights the artist’s work through the parti­cular use of colour.

The new website opens with a colour­ful and vibrant section to show­case some new and fresh projects …

… followed by an overview that establishes a playful and individual ‘framework’ – referring to each project.

Another defining detail of the visual identity is a classy mix of different fonts in use.

Together with our development partner ‘Netzlabor’, we additionally optimized the whole architecture of the former website in order to establish an improved and custom-made user experience.

The most defining elements of the new identity also build the basis for a pretty unique and therefor highly recognizable design principle for social media posts, stories and highlights.

Since the world and the work of Ligawest’s artists is primarely made up of colours, materials and shapes, we also wanted to play with different colours, quality materials and printing techniques for the stationery – to leave a lasting impression.

UX & Coding: Netzlabor
Letterpress Business Cards: Letterpress 77
Digital Print (Indigo): Köller + Nowak