Yes, we are open

to get things started,
to ask questions,
to give you a name,
to tell your story,
to share your vision,
to visually care for you,
to set the right tone,
to make your voice heard,
to create your corporate identity,
to move your image,
to read between the lines,
to involve context,
to connect the dots,
to instill values,
to fight for ideas and ideals,
to change perspectives,
to keep it simple,
to work hard (and be nice to people),
to stay curious,
to break new ground,
to think outside the box,
to attract attention,
to ensure continuity,
to sum things up,
to show foresight,
to gain your insight,
to take risks,
to embrace the accident,
to learn from faliure,
to learn from failure,
to have a cup of coffee,
to hold the deadline,
to keep within budget,
to find an end,
to go the extra mile,
to come up with the best result,
to get in touch.

Sorry, we’re closed

to any kind of politics,
to religious matters,
to ignorance,
to arrogance.